We bring you the finest and most enjoyable loose leaf teas from all over the world. Hand plucked and 100% organic.


We hand-select our 100% organic tea leaves, herbs, fruits, flowers and essences and put them in the mix. Mixing all those beautiful ingredients with a sense of sacredness and pour brew after brew after brew… until we are satisfied with a very unique result. Of course, we have our thoughts on how every signature blend we created has its own ‘purpose’ and what occasion or moment of the day suits them best. But it is up to you to discover this for yourself on your own tea journey, creating your own unique tea stories and memories.

We are Arte & Zayne

Travelers and wonderers by choice, tea freaks by coincidence.


We like to think that our teas are not just teas. Our teas tell stories. Stories from all over the world.

From places we have seen, from the people, we have met in them and from all the cultures we have come to discover.

Entire new worlds
appear behind the
rich infusion in our teas

Join Our Tea Journey

Tea seeds

We have only just begun but we are both humble and proud of what we have discovered and have been able to create. We are on the verge of creating and defining our own tea stories, together with you. To inspire you to dream and to bring people and cultures together.

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