The health benefits of tea

The Many Health Benefits Of Tea

Quality over quantity

Goethe once quoted that life is too short to drink bad wine, and although he may have meant something profoundly more deep, he was pretty much dead-on when it comes to how we tend to enjoy the things we love in our day and age. Quality is within our reach and we apply the adage less is more to an increasing number of influences in our lives.

Fair chance that you would rather enjoy an occasional glass of fine single-malt whisky, than have an entire bottle of an inferior kind. And likely you’ll prefer a few carefully prepared cups of your favourite coffee a day over drinking coffee-ish machine smudge by the gallon. Right? And how about the food we buy? We care to know where it comes from, how it is farmed and what goes into it. In short: we value provenance.


At Arte & Zayne, we believe tea is a textbook example of this value and of our regained attitude towards the way we consume. It illustrates perfectly how quality exceeds quantity. Now, this may seem a bit contradictional, since tea is the most consumed beverage in the world (according to data from the U.N., we consume around six billion(!) cups of tea each day) but when you take a closer look at the mesmerizing world of tea, it makes an awful lot of sense. 

You see, tea turns out to be so much more than just a beverage; more than a bag of dried leaves drowned in a cup of hot water. Tea tells a special story. Stories about distant and exotic lands where leaves are hand-plucked from fields of mesmerizing beauty; stories of intense aromas and colours, stories about traditions, solidarity and rituals. But maybe the most beautiful and powerful thing about tea is its all-embracing simplicity.

Tea is much cooler than coffee

Ok, boldly stated and one could argue with that, but just take a look at the plain physics and the process of making tea. Also, tea predates coffee by roughly 3,000 years! It was first harvested by Chinese emperor Sheng Nun, known as “the great healer”. Coffee was only ‘invented’ somewhere around the 10th century.

And another thing about temperature: whereas most types of coffee need about the same water temperature, with tea this is much more delicate and it depends on the type of tea leaves and herbs you choose. Therefore, most high-quality loose leaf teas and blends come with instructions on how to carefully make them. Take a look at our signature blends to see some examples!

Taste, taste, taste

Tea offers a vast world of combinations for our taste buds. Like wine (or maybe even more than wine), tea is absolutely perfect to pair and experiment with on culinary adventures. Tea truly enhances! Try a fruity loose leaf black tea blend with a typical strong blue French cheese like Fourme d’Ambert, for example: simply amazing! Or a delicate white tea with hints of ginger and citrus to go with your white fish dishes: simply wonderful.

All the specific tastes and fragrances tea has to offer, from utterly subtle to plain bold, are meant to be paired and experimented with. Each tea infusion’s delicacy reveals itself optimally when you take their intended brewing temperature and infusion time [link article] into consideration. And why not skip the good old mug for a change, and pour and serve a beautiful tea or tisane in a fine glass: it really lifts the taste and the occasion.

Here’s to your health

Apart from being a very versatile and very old beverage, tea offers quite a few benefits to our health. We won’t sum them all up for you here but numerous studies show how our bodies benefit from the soothing, cleansing and healing powers of this ancient infusion. Green teas, for instance, are packed with antioxidants. Black tea is full of healthy substances called polyphenols, that may help prevent some types of cancer, and flavonoids, that help lower the risk of heart disease. The calming effects of herbal infusions and the meditative moment a well-balanced, well-deserved cup of tea can offer, really can make a difference in our busy lives.

And to the health of our planet

Even more important than the quality of our personal lives and all beautiful things in it, is the health of our planet and all beautiful things on it. Where quality is within our reach, so is the possibility to enjoy all of it in a responsible way. For ourselves, and for our future. As for tea: choose organic kinds, honestly made and traded. They are not hard to come by and you really make a difference with each cup of tea you drink. We have already made that choice, so you will only find 100% organic and honest teas and tisanes in our online shop and boutique blend store.

In our Blend Store in Amsterdam we present all our signature blends in a beautiful, authentic and cosy atmosphere. We hold daily tea tastings and food pairings, to help get you an idea of the vast possibilities tea has to offer and how each kind of tea should be treated with. You are more than welcome!


Arte & Zayne

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