The Story behind Arte & Zayne

We like to think that our teas are not just teas. Our teas tell stories. Stories from all over the world. From places we have seen, from the people, we have met in them and from all the cultures we have come to discover.

Mesmerised by the world of tea

We are Arte & Zayne: travelers and wonderers by choice, tea freaks by coincidence. We have known each other since we were born, yet we have just met. Call us brothers, sisters, friends, lovers, musicians, magicians; whatever your imagination tells you we might be. Our imagination told us we should travel, to the far ends of the world. In search of adventure, in search of beauty. Both within the world itself and in the people and places we would come to discover.

In 2016, we unexpectedly came across a fanatic tea sommelier in Berlin. He unreservedly shared his enthusiasm about tea with us, and we couldn’t be anything but all ears… He talked about the delicacy of tea,  about its vast diversity in fragrances and tastes, about its history, its future, and about the true art of making tea. The world of tea turned out to be an unbelievably fascinating, captivating and versatile one and this conversation marked the beginning of our journey into it. A journey that just keeps getting more and more interesting.  

Our Name

Arte & Zayne

The name Arte & Zayne refers to the word ‘artisan’, or craft. By coincidence, we discovered that ‘Zayne’ has another positive connotation: in both Hebrew and Arabic it means ‘joy and beauty

Stories and traditions

Tea turns out to be so much more than just a beverage; more than a bag of dried leaves drowned in a cup of hot water. Tea tells a story. Stories about distant and exotic lands; about fields of mesmerizing beauty where tea leaves get plucked by hand; stories of intense aromas and colors, stories about traditions, solidarity, and rituals. The history of tea is long and complex, spreading across multiple cultures over the span of thousands of years. Many have had their own tea traditions, mostly for centuries, some even for millennia. And that is no coincidence.

Our tea journey

Our real enchantment came while we humbly witnessed a tea ceremony in Assam, India. It was magical… the fragrances, the colours, the attention to detail, its soft-spiritedness and its beguile. It was an aromatic spiritual moment, where alchemy came to mind when we looked at each other but couldn’t speak. Surrounded by people who wholeheartedly welcomed us in their ceremony of friendship and perfection. From that moment on we knew we had a mission: to recreate and relive that special moment, over and over again, all over the world and bring it back home. To share it with as many people we could think of. So we took our sacred first tea experience, filled our suitcases with the best teas we could find and set out to explore. Our imagination was fully ignited and our real journey had finally begun… 

Arte & Zayne

Signature Blends

In 2017 we started composing our very first tea blends, using only 100% organic and hand-plucked loose leaf teas. The teas we use come from pure tea countries like India, China and Japan and we put them in the mix with all sorts of beautiful herbs, delicious dried fruits, and flowers from all over the world. In fact, we have only just begun but we are both humble and proud of what we have discovered and created so far:  24 teas, tisanes and blends in our shop are the result of our alchemy: putting physical ingredients in the mix with love, stories, and adventure. We want our blends to surprise you, yet leave you with a comfortable familiar sensation, a little yearning even maybe, longing for a place you have not yet been.

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