Nature’s Peace No 10

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Type: Herbal Tea
Flavour Mint, Herbal
Weight 100g
Packaging Refill Bag


Nature’s Peace No 10

Type: Herbal Tea
Flavour Mint, Herbal
Weight 100g
Packaging Refill Bag


0 out of 5
Reviews: ( 0 )


Handcrafted tea

The Adventure

We went to sleep when the sun disappeared and we woke up to the hum of nature each morning. It was truly magical and it felt like this was how life should be… This rich infusion acts as a true stress-reliever: packed with calming herbs, combined with surprisingly fresh and peppery notes. An everyday luxury. Count your blessings, and take care of today’s peace.

Nature’s Peace No 10

The Ingredients

Spearmint, cinnamon sticks, hibiscus, licorice root, ginger, fennel, orange peels, clove, chamomile, pink pepper, cardamom.


  • 15 - 20 g/l
  • 7 - 10 Minutes
  • 100 ℃

Additional information


Eggs and egg products: No
Fish and fish products: No
Cereals containing gluten: No
Crustaceans and products thereof: No
Lupines: No
Edible nuts: May contain traces
Sulfur dioxide and sulfite > 10 mg/kg: May contain traces

Celery and products thereof: No
Mustard and products thereof: No
Sesame seeds and sesame products: No
Soy and soy products: May contain traces
Peanuts and products thereof: No
Milk and products thereof (lactose): May contain traces
Molluscs and products thereof: No

Nutritional values

100ml of brewed infusion typically gives you:

Energy: 2 kJ / 1 kcal
Fat: 0,1 gr
Of which saturates: 0,1 gr
Carbohydrate: 0,1 gr
Of which sugars: 0,1 gr
Protein: 0,1 gr
Sodium: 0,01 gr


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