Black tea is the oldest and boldest of them all. The strong Eastern foundation will forever be a fundamental architect of this ancient infusion. Rightfully so. Black tea’s strong colouring and aromas are defined by fully oxidized tea leaves.

Plucked while the sun is rising, brewed by clear nights. With an abundance of vitamins and minerals, green tea is perfect for the discovery of a meditative moment. A unique moment: fresh and quiet. It will take you past a calming ocean breeze, with hints of freshly mowed grass and subtle nutty fragrances.

Witness the dawning of a new day and listen to the young tea leaves’ squeeze. With a light fur still around the newborn knobs, delicate fragrances meet silver linings halfway. Newborn meets nature. White tea is like a young adventurer, full of curiosity and gentle sweetness.

Herbal tea blends are absolutely great to help calm down and relax. Herbal tea is 100% caffeine-free. Simply a wonderful melange of dried plants, herbs, and spices. Herbal tea has a vibrant way of letting us taste what really matters in life: blossoming health and joy!

Introducing Arte & Zayne Origins: our exclusive range of pure and uncut teas. For genuine tea lovers. And the curious. Experience the unclouded taste of pure tea with our new range of 100% black, white, green and yellow teas. Four fundamental blends that reveal the individual essence and beauty of each type of tea.

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