Tea At Abraham Kef

Cheese and Tea Pairings at Abraham Kef with Arte & Zayne

Cheese and tea pairings

We are extremely excited to announce we’ve teamed up with the world famous, Amsterdam cheese specialists Fromagerie Abraham Kef.

The surprising combination of cheese and tea.

During the cheese tastings in our tasting room, it’s all about taste and creating unique, surprising combinations. Cheese and wine or cheese with a special beer is a particularly fun game. We are increasingly asked whether there is also an alcohol-free alternative for this. “YES, of course,” is the answer. The proven combination between cheese and tea turns out to be very surprising; it provides unique new taste sensations and provides deepening of known ones.

We would like to introduce you to the taste experience that this combination delivers. Tea blender Arrad from Arte & Zayne sets out on an adventure that evening with his hand-picked and organic tea blends from his own import with various raw milk cheeses from Abraham Kef. And fittingly he gives text and explanation about the tea and the different brewing method.

5 types of tea and 8 raw milk kinds of cheese will be reviewed this evening and participation costs € 22.50. Tickets are available via www.ticketkantoor.nl/shop/ProeflabmetThee

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